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Pavel 6 March 2020
Friendly staff, the ability to have a full breakfast early in the morning before departure, breakfast is prepared especially for you. In general, everything is not bad, a decent delicious dinner in a restaurant, prices are above average. The interior needs updating. Breakfast not too varied. Far from the center.

Sergey14 february 2020
Excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great service. Recommend

Ksenia January 20, 2020
It was very tasty and cozy! The stay was top notch! I wish you success and prosperity!

Polina January 5, 2020
Booked a room at the Baikal hotel because there was a long transfer between two long flights. Actually, the goal was to sleep, have breakfast and relax, what actually succeeded in all 100? I was pleasantly surprised by both the room and the level of service, I definitely recommend it.

Kseniya 4 december 2019
Good hotel, up to its rating. Delicious varied breakfast, very friendly staff at the reception and in the restaurant. The room is clean and has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Very close to the airport.

Mikhail 29 november 2019

Pavel 29 november 2019
There is a loyalty program. Nice room, nice furniture. Music was playing very loudly from the rehearsal room. The suite lacks ventilation in the bathroom.

Alexander 18 November 2019
Very well

Alena 3 november 2019
An excellent cozy hotel, close to the airport, you can also get to the city center quickly and without problems. The room was quiet, no noise from the street. Very caring staff – at the reception they called a taxi and advised that you can have time to see it in one evening, they even drew it on the map, since I stayed in Irkutsk for more than one day. I liked the breakfast too – everything is tasty and fresh, delicious coffee. I will be happy to come again!

Artemy 9 october 2019
In general, the hotel is very suitable for comfortable business trips.

Polina 17 october 2017
The room was always clean. The kitchen impressed. Very tasty, great variety. And the staff at the reception would like to express special thanks! They will always come to the rescue, polite, pleasant, they will show and tell everything, answer any question!

Igor 11 october 2017
On official business, I often visit Irkutsk, as a rule, I stay at the BBC. There are no problems with booking a room, the application is processed promptly. The staff at the reception and cafe-restaurant are friendly, check-in is quick. Rooms are clean, price-performance ratio is good.

Andrei 10 January 2017
Good service and value for money. Great location. Delicious breakfast and friendly staff. Recommend.

Irina 05 January 2017
In this hotel, I was very cozy and comfortable, like at home. Considering that my stay was 7 days, I managed to get to know all the services of the hotel quite closely. The reception staff helped me with all the issues, the guys organized a great pastime for me during breaks from work. The maids cleaned my room very carefully and were as attentive as possible. The restaurant has an excellent breakfast, wonderful bartenders and waiters! It was a pleasure for me to enter the hotel after a working day, I was greeted with a smile and sincere interest in how my day went. I still remember the guys and this wonderful hotel with warmth!

Vyacheslav 01 January 2017
Great staff.
Delicious and varied breakfast. And Alena, the hostess of the reception, is an amazingly helpful and kind person. Thanks a lot to her! Anything that could be better pales in comparison with the possibility of communicating with such a person.

Paul December 30, 2016
Comfortable hotel near the business center
Quite a cozy hotel. Great service, very nice staff. Rooms are clean, everything you need is there. Fully match the description. Restaurant at the hotel – they cook well, interesting serving. The location is not bad, maybe a little far from the center of Irkutsk, but close to the airport and the exit from the city.

Katerina 26 december 2016
Was on a business trip, stayed at this hotel. Free WiFi was very helpful. Convenient location and excellent cuisine. In general, I liked it!

Liza 20 december 2016
I liked it very much
I was in Irkutsk for the first time, my colleagues advised me to stay at this hotel. I was very pleased. Friendly administrators, clean rooms and delicious breakfasts are all top notch. And I was especially pleased with the free wi-fi! The location is also good. In general, some pluses.

Boris 06 December 2016
Excellent business hotel, very convenient, all in one place. The rooms are clean and bright.

Gregory 02 December 2016
A wonderful hotel, the rooms are clean, there are no foreign odors, the rooms are spacious and light. All the plumbing is working properly, downstairs on the ground floor in the restaurant the food is delicious, there is a large selection for breakfasts, the food is fresh. I liked the grilled meat, special thanks to the chef.

Tamara 28 November 2016
Stayed at the hotel in October. The hotel was gorgeous. The room was warm, comfortable, a bathrobe, slippers, hygiene products, towels, everything was clean and available. Very helpful staff at the reception (they helped to figure out our route, advised where to go, what is interesting in the city). The restaurant cooks delicious, varied and hearty breakfasts.

Ivan 26 november 2016
Quite a good hotel – the staff is polite, attentive, the rooms are comfortable, to the center of Irkutsk it is 10 minutes by car. Stayed in a standard single room, was satisfied. The hotel has a cozy atmosphere. On my next business trip I will come back to you again.

Peter November 24, 2016
I often visit Irkutsk and regularly stay at the Baikal Business Center. Photos of rooms on the site correspond to real life. Clean, comfortable, bright rooms. Prices are reasonable enough not more expensive than any other hotel. Convenient location near the airport.

Nadezhda November 21, 2016
Celebrated the anniversary last weekend at the Avantage restaurant. I would like to thank all the restaurant staff. Everything was simply amazing, the serving was served on time, the hot meals were served hot and on time. We enjoyed the evening very much.

Victoria 19 November 2016
We visited City coffee the other day, the interior is pleasing to the eye. A very cozy and calm place. You can relax in soft sofas and enjoy the delicious food of the cafe. I ordered a chicken sandwich for 280 rubles, they brought a large dish and delicious, and most importantly satisfying. The staff are nice. I discovered a new wonderful place in the city.

Vyacheslav 13 November 2016
We went to this restaurant for the first time, probably three years ago, and immediately realized that it was in this restaurant that our wedding would take place. Friendly and attentive staff, the kitchen is just lick your fingers, the interior is magnificent, so light, airy, what you need for a wedding. The closed territory, all in flowers, turned out to be very convenient, when everything was considered – it was decided to carry out the exit registration right there, in front of the restaurant. I advise everyone! You probably won’t find a better place for a wedding in Irkutsk.

Svetlana November 10, 2016
In honor of the anniversary, my husband arranged a romantic dinner at the Avantage restaurant. A year ago we had a wedding party here and were very pleased, so it is not surprising that a year later, we decided to celebrate our little date in the same place. Nothing has changed in a year. The restaurant continues to maintain its reputation. The service is top notch, the food is delicious, especially the grilled meat dish. The evening turned out to be cozy and warm. Thank you so much.

Natalia 09 November 2016
Breakfast is convenient in the early hours, in rare hotels such service.

Nikolay 02 November 2016
Friendly staff, cozy rooms, delicious breakfasts, reasonable price. The hotel is located far enough from the city center. It takes 20 minutes to get to the center without traffic jams. Air conditioning in the room did not blow cold air, it was hot in the room.

Valentine October 30, 2016
This is not the first time I have stayed at the hotel. The rooms are always clean, the staff is friendly, the check-in is quick, the breakfasts are always hearty, there is plenty to choose from. Convenient location of the hotel, close to the airport in a quiet area of the city.

Ivan October 30, 2016
Good breakfasts (porridge, sausages, cold cuts, fish, several hot dishes). quiet calm place near the airport. We checked in in the morning at no additional charge, despite the fact that the room was paid from 12

Michael October 24, 2016
It can be reached on foot from the airport. There are shops nearby, not far from the center by car. Great breakfast – anytime! I was fed at 4 am! For breakfast there is Baikal omul!

Shupenya N.N. 22 october 2016
Baikal Business Center Manager S.A. Berezovsky from the leaders of the Popular Front of Russia

  • Chugunov Vladimir Alexandrovich
  • Ivanova Marina Yurievna
  • Maystrenko Irina Mikhailovna
  • Khorosheva Christina
  • Lesnikova Marina Vladimirovna

To all the waiters who served us, for their high-quality and efficient work, for the attitude they create with clients, the care they showed to each person. I ask you to write a bonus to each employee and thank them for their work !!! You always want to come back and be your clients !!!

Dmitry October 12, 2016
For any business event I choose your Business Center, a convenient location in a prestigious and beautiful area of the city, there is no noise and bustle like in the center. We meet guests from the plane, 5 minutes and they are already at the hotel. Here we hold our presentation for the guests, for which they come, from the restaurant we offer delicious lunches and dinners. It’s good that everything is in one place – the hotel, restaurant and meeting rooms.

Katya October 10, 2016
The seminar was held in a small conference hall. I liked the buffet, the food was fresh and tasty. Very helpful staff. For the event, we provided all the necessary equipment and constantly made sure that everyone was comfortable.

Anastasia 07 October 2016
Convenient location of the hotel, just 5 minutes from the airport. Cozy, clean rooms. Delicious breakfasts and overall food in the restaurant on the ground floor. The city center is not far away, by car it took 10 minutes.

Valentine 02 October 2016
Stayed at the hotel last month. I was amazed at how the guests were served. We can say that they try to fulfill any whim. My requests to order a taxi, tickets, clean things, even order a bouquet of flowers were answered positively. I was satisfied with everything, next time I will only book your hotel.

Ivankina Fatima, Leading Specialist of the Department for Work with Documents and the Register of the Association ROOR SROSBR
Impressions from the celebration of the Builder’s Day 11.08.2016 Marina Yurievna!!
On behalf of the ROOR SROSBR Association, we would like to say to you and everyone who organized our celebration of the Builder’s Day on August 11: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
You can’t imagine how pleasant it is to deal with PROFESSIONALS! Personal THANKS to you for organizing and welcoming our guests, we are very grateful to you!
Please, thank Natalia Krasnova and Kristina Khorosheva from us! Your Natalya, who keeps records so scrupulously, is just smart! And you can simply admire such patience and responsiveness as yours, Marina!
I am sure that your management is proud of such valuable employees!
Have a good mood!
Smile more often!

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