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Conference services in Irkutsk

Grand Hall

  • sound amplifying concert equipment;
  • spacious stage;
  • two exits to the hall (a place for coffee breaks);
  • going backstage and into the small conference room;
  • maximum number of seats: for theater seating – 400, for banquet seating – 250.

Red Hall

About the conference hall

  • soft armchairs;
  • portable sound reinforcement equipment;
  • small stage;
  • direct access to the hall and large conference room;
  • maximum number of seats: for theater seating – 250, for banquet seating – 200.

Negotiation rooms

About negotiation rooms:

  • equipped with tables and chairs;
  • capacity – up to 15 people;
  • there are 5 rooms;
  • located next to the large and small conference rooms.

Conference services

The business complex Baikal Business Center provides conference services of any complexity and meets international service standards.

All conditions for holding workshops, conferences, master classes, exhibitions, trainings and corporate events are available here.

The hotel offers 2 conference-hall provided with A/C, as well as negotiation rooms and reception rooms.

  • Large conference-hall, up to 350 persons;
  • Small conference-hall, up to 250 persons;
  • Negotiation rooms, up to 20 persons.

The large conference-hall is suited to host large international conferences, or as venue for concerts, demonstrations, formal events, award ceremonies, receptions or other special events.

The small conference-hall will be the best choice for smaller conferences at the hotel. It allows to save on rental rate, while still offering high level of service. 2 exits are available: one exit – into the hallway, and the other exit – into the large conference-hall of the hotel. With theater-style seating arrangement, the hall will accommodate 250 guests, and with reception arrangement – 200 guests.

Every essential to organize any business event is available at Baikal Business Center:

  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Professional stage
  • High-quality projection, light and sound amplification equipment
  • Flipcharts, laptops, printers, plasma screens, laser pointers
  • Simultaneous translation equipment
  • Sophisticated coffee-break and lunch menus

Experienced and friendly staff will assist you in solving any tasks related to organization and conducting of your event:

  • Concept development
  • Art program selection
  • Event decoration
  • Scenario compilation

High level of service is guaranteed. Discounts are offered to regular customers.

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