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Grand hall

  • sound amplifying concert equipment;
  • spacious stage;
  • two exits to the hall (a place for coffee breaks);
  • going backstage and into the small conference room;
  • maximum number of seats: for theater seating – 400, for banquet seating – 250.

Hall rental

HallThe cost of 1 hour of rent, rubles, incl. VATThe cost of 1 day of rent (for 5 hours or more), rubles, incl. VAT
Rent of the Grand Hall for up to 350 people12 00055 000
Rent of the Small Conference Hall (Red Hall) for up to 250 people9 50045 000
Rent a meeting room for up to 20 people1 5006 000
Rent of the City hall for up to 50 people20 000
Hall rental for exhibition activities4 00020 000

Accommodation options